Arrival (Story Writeups)

This was the place his mother grew up with. Little did he know how much of mystery was buried and yet to be unfold by His coming. For now, Marco find himself surrounded by smiles and amused glances of people waiting for him to be noticed upon. They were his relatives. And not all of them are alive.

Informal Exchanges

The Fourth Watch

Last night, I told someone

What I felt about some things.

Things nothing in particular,

Anything and everything under the sun.

Sort of gibberish things and stuff

That most people converse about.

Obvious questions and flatteries,

Weather bulletins and pleasantries.

Overrated compliments

I don’t always mean.

Disguised with a plastered smile.

Of course that person knew

Just as I knew that we were

Both disinterested but still,

We finished the script.

We exchanged pleasantries.

We posed. We answered.

We parted ways.

Too late, we already had

Carried each others world by now

And we are never the same.

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