Firm and steady. But gracious to bend in the strong winds when necessary. Bend in such a way that we find ourselves coming back to our original stature. We sway in the movements of life but our feet remain rooted, unmoved in the ground. Because we have known and realized already that there's no better … Continue reading Resolve


  I have a bad habit. I always think the worst of people. Always having this script here in my thoughts Where people says nothing but disapproval And disappointment; prejudice and prejudgment. I often play this discourse of mere insult and rejection; Pain and mistreatment where I find myself Wounded even before I got stabbed … Continue reading Self-pity


It always goes down to precision. How the world we are living in finds it hard to keep things vague and undefined. It always wants to make things finite; obsessed with the process of reduction. Counting every stars in the night sky. Weighing every matters and small things; even particles that are invisible to the … Continue reading Measures

Ang Storya Ng Iyong Mga Mata

Tumingin ako sayong mga mata at nakita ko ang maraming bagay na sumisilip sayong kaluluwa. Mga bagay na matagal nang binabaon pero di pa rin namamatay. Mga bagay na kusang lumilitaw tuwing inaanigan ng liwanag. Mga bagay na gustong kumawala. Nagpupumiglas. Ngunit ang puso ay tila mapagmatyag. Sadyang nagmamatigas. Ayaw magpatinag. Tinatago ang mga lihim sa … Continue reading Ang Storya Ng Iyong Mga Mata